Deciding to start this business was an obvious decision for us. We love animals, we love people, and we want to help with our experience and passion. We love to see the devotion that people put into their pets, it is a wonderful bond like no other. With our love for animals and enthusiasm to making a difference, we have started this business in the hopes to expand into doing incredible things. We love seeing the happy faces of your pets that we have the privilege of caring for, but not all animals are lucky enough to have such loving homes. Therefore, we hope we can reach our dream of expanding into rescuing, re-homing, and saving the many animals that would never be given the chance in the pound. This is just the start for us, and we thank everyone supporting us along the way!

Our Team

Tegan Jensen

Bri Ljubovic

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Email: tdogwalks@hotmail.com
Call/text: 0431294600 or 0432412886